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(Credit: YouTube / Fox)


Edward Norton pays emotional tribute to Meat Loaf


Following the tragic passing of Marvin Lee Aday, more commonly known as ‘Meat Loaf’, on January 20th, tributes have been flowing in from around the world of entertainment. Quick to point out the performer’s charm, sharp wit and generosity, such tributes have shared just why the singer and actor remained such a cult icon throughout his time at the top of the industry. Though he was better known on the musical stage, the singer also featured in several high-profile films, with none being as significant as his role in David Fincher’s Fight Club.

Appearing alongside Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in the mind-bending psychological drama, Meat Loaf plays Robert Paulsen, a man who joins the protagonists’ violent club-turned-cult. Sharing his thoughts about his time working with the actor, Norton took to Twitter where he shared an image of him and Meat Loaf from the film, commenting, “I don’t keep pictures from films around home. But I have this one in my office in a frame because it makes me smile every time”. 

Continuing, Norton added, “It’s engraved ‘Love and Hugs, Meat’. It sums him up well. He was so funny. And gentle. And warm to everyone. A sweet soul. RIP Meat Loaf”. Though the late performer would enjoy further roles in the cult classic musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The 51st State and Wayne’s World, no role would become as significant as his major part in David Fincher’s ‘90s classic. 

Explaining just why he was such an endearing figure, Edward Norton further commented, “To us he will always be ‘Bob’. Those were some wonderful months of laughter & irreverence. The hardest thing about working w/ Meat was getting through any of these ridiculous moments without cracking up. Him lying on the table playing dead then belting out Zeppelin. Good times”.