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(Credit: Ana Viotti)


Eddie Vedder, Cat Power, and Glen Hansard join forces for 'Flag Day' soundtrack

Eddie Vedder, Glen Hansard and Cat Power have joined forces to soundtrack Sean Penn’s new film Flag Day. The score will feature eight new tracks written by Vedder and Hansard, as well as two songs performed by Olivia Vedder, the American musician’s daughter.

In addition, Cat Power has contributed three original songs, as well as a cover of KK’s ‘I Think Of Angels’. Vedder also performed a rendition of R.E.M’s ‘Drive’. The soundtrack has been released via Seattle Surf and Republic Records.

The soundtrack’s lead single, ‘My Father’s Daughter’ was written by Hansard and Vedder, but is sung by the wonderfully talented Olivia Vedder. Vedder is most famous for his work with Pearl Jam, whilst Hansard won an Oscar for the original song ‘Falling Slowly’ for the musical Once. Olivia Vedder, however, had never sung on a record prior to her work on Penn’s film.

In a press release, Penn described how the song came about: “After this flood of gorgeous songs from Cat Power, Glen Hansard, and Eddie Vedder, we were just about to do a final mix on the film when Ed sent me Olivia singing ‘My Father’s Daughter.’ It became just the perfect cherry on top of the sundae.”

Penn’s new film, despite the actor-come-director’s divisive status, was a surprise success at this year’s Cannes film festival. Penn both directed and performed in the crime drama alongside his daughter Dylan. His last movie venture, the 2016 film The Last Face was panned by critics, so anyone would have expected him to be a little shy about returning to Canne.

But Penn has returned with new confidence. Talking about his experience with critics, he said: “I’ve been on such extreme ends on that. It’s like whatever. The thing is: I am confident that I know as much — more –about acting than almost any of these critics. And I’m very confident in the performance I’m most concerned about.”

Flag Day is released in cinemas today, with the soundtrack dropping alongside it. You can listen to ‘My Father’s Daughter’ below.