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Eddie Murphy plans to star in George Clinton biopic


Eddie Murphy is set to star as George Clinton in a biopic on the trailblazing Parliament-Funkadelic bandleader’s colourful life.

Murphy is also co-producing the project alongside Catherine and John Davis who helped to bring the acclaimed comedy Dolemite Is My Name to life back in 2019.

Thus far, Murphy and his team are yet to agree on the rights terms with Clinton but the funk pioneer has never been too much of a stickler for details and no doubt will be swayed by the inherent promise that the alluring project offers. 

Clinton is now 80 years old but his first foray into the world of music was as part of a doo-wop group when he was a teenager called The Parliaments. The band would perform while straightening hair in a Plainfield barbershop.

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With that sort of service on the go, musicians began to flock to this loquacious lock-shop where Clinton held centre stage more so than scissors. Thus, in one fell swoop, he already had the makings of a Clinton-led coterie of musicians that would later become P-Funk.

The movie will cover all of this and more as it charts Clinton’s “humble beginnings in North Carolina in the 1940s to the formation of his groundbreaking bands Parliament and Funkadelic and ultimately to becoming a major influence on artists of the hip-hop generation including Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Outkast and Wu-Tang Clan, among many others.”

As of yet, the project is yet to get the go-ahead but clearly Murphy and co were confident to make the plan public. Here’s hoping more news will break soon.