Eddi Front - Nobody Does It Better


Eddi Front, depending on your pronunciation, the name of our artist says a lot about Far Out magazine’s Track of the Day selection this Monday, as we veer away from the high velocity, fret smoking world of Rock & Roll and into the reality of a mellifluous, solitary troubadour.

Hailing from the USA, New York is the city that inspired the precious sound of ‘Nobody Does It Better’ (Carly Simon’s original) and how apt, we might say, that this record sparks similar emotional responses reminiscent of the late, great Lou Reed’s stripped back numbers: I’m thinking the way that the sentimentally perfect ‘Pale Blue Eyes’ or ‘I Found A Reason’ effortlessly float through our hearts and minds; Just like Reed, Eddi Front has the ability to weave a musical shawl to encase us when life’s becoming a little cold.

One of the many astonishing and beautiful aspects of this track, and music in general, is that no matter what side of the situational fence you may currently reside the song, and it’s meaning, can thoroughly appeal. So, whether you are listening to ‘Nobody Does It Better’ in a somber, repentant frame of mind or from a warm, appreciative state it doesn’t matter, because the power of tone will be distributed accordingly to the internal spaces that crave it most.

Unbelievable, really, how just one voice, a couple of chords and an expressive soul can cause such a stir.

I think it was Albert Einstein that alluded to simplicity being genius, whomever it was, Eddi Front certainly took note by delivering a cover that with it’s contemporary twist, in my humble opinion, trumps the original.

Joshua Hevicon

You can listen to Eddi Front’s self titled EP here.