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Echo Lake - Even The Blind

“Even the Blind” is a stunning composition from Echo Lake’s 2012 album “Wild Peace”, featuring the inspiring mantra, “Even the blind, they can see”. But it’s not just that line that is uplifting; the music creates an atmosphere even Brian Eno could probably only dream of making – it’s similar to Moby only superior and with a rocky undercurrent generated by the rhythm section.

The song builds somewhat on The Pixies’ quiet/loud blueprint for grunge; indeed, the singer evokes an ethereal version of one of their vocalists, bassist Kim Deal. However, in the place of louder guitars and greater distortion there is power of a different kind. The momentum of this track builds and builds, with the drummer hammering down an authoritative, hard-hitting beat while layers of vocals and effects wind in and out of each other. Then the music calms down again, with electronic drums quietly keeping the beat, before the aforementioned sounds come back in. “Even the Blind” is dynamic and strong but beautiful and heavenly. It’s recommending listening for fans of Explosions in the Sky, and those who like ambient material (for a good example, see the ambient mix of Moby’s “Wait For Me”) but wish it had a bit more of a punch to it. This will knock your socks off, in a melancholy kind of way.

David Lownds

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