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Eccentronic Research Council feat. Maxine Peake - Loathsome Dave

Now that a day has passed and absolutely no dust has settle on the Britain’s turgid, skewed and ultimately depressing 2015 general election, it is time for a reactionary Track of the Day that perfectly fits the mood.

The Eccentronic Research Council have once again teamed up with world famous actress and recently triumphant female hamlet Maxine Peake for an eerie and unsettling, yet very real, look into what the depths of the UK can expect during the oncoming half-decade of social decimation broadening inequality under Cameron’s cuntservatives.

With lines like “You are not food parcel, share the flat with a stranger, Dave” and “the thief dancing on prosperity and hostile to the disabled, rave” it’s quite clear that the Eccentronic Research Council have a very real vision of the black hole the country now faces.

If things had turned out a bit more positively, maybe we would be going for a track a little more uplifting on this springtime Saturday, but the wider picture and what is to come simply just doesn’t warrant it right now.

So share Far Out’s anguish and the Eccentronic Research Council’s dismay by checking out our Track of the Day ‘Loathsome Dave’ below.

Patrick Davies
(Feature image by Al Overdrive)