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Eat Fast continue to fuzz out with ‘Sand Drone’


Newcastle’s distinctive distortionists Eat Fast are coming at us again with another fuzz filled fury fest with new track ‘Sand Drone’. The band are releasing physically through Weekend Denim on 21st January with a special edition 7” out on Flying Vinyl.

But what really strikes a nerve with this song is the socially wry lyrics which permeate the ferocious sound. Adam Pearson told DIY recently “During the recession – and continuing on into the current turmoil of Western politics – I was aware that a lot of young, ambitious people entering adulthood were finding a situation where there were no employment opportunities at all,”

“Many of my friends moved to London because the North East was so restrictive. Not in a provincial protest, but I began to consider locality, and its weight(lessness) as a cornerstone of identity. But beyond that, just seeing all these smart, creative people my age being brickwalled and stifled while we picked up the bill of the last generation saddened me. So it’s a bit about that. And about how those people around me who felt like their growth had been stunted reacted to that, while the accusation floated round of young people being lazy or out of touch with the economic reality of our times.

Any social commentary aside… the subjective in the song acknowledges that none of it matters if you are happy with someone, or surrounded by people, you love.”

Nice to see some bands getting their hands dirty.