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Easy Life share hopeful new single 'Have A Great Day'

Easy Life - 'Have A Great Day'

With their debut album, Life’s A Beach, swimming to shore at the end of the month — Easy Life have shared another snippet from the highly anticipated record with their new single, ‘Have A Great Day’.

Sometimes in life, you just need to sit back in order to reflect and celebrate life’s little victories; that is exactly what Easy Life do on ‘Have A Great Day’. It’s a snapshot conversational track that showcases frontman Murray Matravers’ expert storytelling and his ability to write intricate lyrics that never veer into cliched ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ territory and yet still connect on a universal level.

Easy Life are always tackling either the mundanities or joys of day-to-day living with ‘Have A Great Day’ detailing an early romantic break which all goes swimmingly according to plan and a pertinent reminder about the small delights. There’s a delicate balance between jubilation and melancholia in the song, something reflected in our own lives.

Commenting on the track, Matravers says ‘Have A Great Day’ “‘stems from my need/desire to always see the positives in every possible situation. There is always a silver lining. The song fantasises over a romantic weekend getaway and concludes joyfully that I had a great time.

“There’s a hint of sadness behind the song as it feels, like all good things, the story will be short lived and fleeting. Nonetheless, for the time being at least, we are at the beach sipping our favourite drink and everything else doesn’t matter one little bit.”

Last week, Easy Life spoke with Far Out, and Matravers discussed Life’s A Beach, revealing: “It’s all about wishing you were elsewhere, and the grass is always greener type philosophies,” Matravers says in regards to the escapist themes across the record. 

“We deal with loads of stuff [on Life’s A Beach], although nothing too grandiose or thought-provoking,” he adds. “It’s mainly just day-to-day stuff like feeling anxious, or feeling like you should change certain aspects of your life, or why is your best mate cooler than you are and all those kinda things.”

‘Have A Great Day’ encapsulates the little anxieties of a romantic adventure, and in the end, it wasn’t worth the time misspent worrying. The track is a much-needed shot of hope right now, and Life’s A Beach can’t come quick enough.