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(Credit: Jack Bridgland)


Easy Life share uplifting new song 'A Message To Myself'

Easy Life - 'A Message To Myself'

Easy Life have finally confirmed their debut album and, to mark the long-awaited announcement, fans have been gifted the opening track, ‘A Message To Myself’.

Their debut album, Life’s A Beach, arrives on June 5th through Island Records. Suppose the album’s title coupled with Easy Life’s trademark upbeat and carefree sound is anything to go by, then we have every reason to suspect that the only reason that we’ve all had to wait so patiently is to make sure it can be enjoyed thoroughly in the scorching sun.

‘A Message To Myself’ is playful, optimistic, and has a serious message at the heart of it, arriving as the opening track to the highly anticipated Life’s A Beach. It’s easy to understand why it’s the album opener; singer Murray Matravers delicately balances his strong relationship with melody along with the occasional few bars that he squeezes into the joyful effort for good measure, which is punctuated with a profound message at the heart of it.

In the opening verse, Matravers offers up some potent words of wisdom as he sings: “Take your mother’s advice, Never let her tell you twice, Give more than you get, Forgive but don’t forget, And go outside and earn your stripes.”

Speaking about the track, Matravers says it as “a reminder to keep doing you. It’s a celebration of individualism at all costs. Be yourself, nobody can do you better.”

Meanwhile, on the album, he comments, “It’s a record that wishes it was anywhere else but here. Yet at the same time fixates on a dreary middle England existence.”

‘A Message To Myself’ is the Leicestershire band’s first release since the Aretha Franklin samplin’ ‘Daydreams’, one of the stand-out indie tracks in 2020. With little over two months until the arrival of Life’s A Beach, things are looking bright in camp Easy Life right now.