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(Credit: Eastwind Hotel)

Eastwind Hotel & Bar offers a perfect escape away from the New York hustle

In a metropolis such as New York, it can be difficult to get a moment’s respite for your own thoughts in the city that proudly boasts of its insomnia. That said, the Eastwind Hotel & Bar offers up the perfect getaway from all the chaos and it’s just on the doorstep of New Yorkers.

Eastwind was born in 2018 and has quickly grown an international reputation which is partly thanks to it’s the jawdropping location in the Catskills north of New York which is about a two-hour drive out from Manhattan and is the perfect weekend escape.

It’s a true joy that in the space of just a couple of hours, one can travel from one of the busiest hubs in the Western world to a tranquil beacon of peace such as the Catskills mountains. It is the ultimate winter break and what makes the location somehow even sweeter if you’re into your winter sports as Eastwind is just a five-minute drive from the local ski slope which is open December to April, and it is also the perfect place for hiking and biking.

Eastwind was originally built as a bunkhouse in 1928, the Hillside Mountain Inn became the go-to place of stay for seasonal workers. The property was then bought in 2017 by Bjorn and Julija Boyer and given a nine-month gut renovation. Its new owners were keen to encapsulate it’s history whilst also making it a luxury boutique hotel fit for the modern age.

There is an intentional Scandinavian feel to its simple but effective decor and use of clever modern lighting methods as well as the decorative snowshoes that make you feel like you have been transported to the middle of the Alps.

The hotel includes 19 bedrooms in total that are split between the main house, which is home to 11 bedrooms include two picturesque writers’ studios, that are complete with working vintage Remington typewriters, five further bedrooms in Hill House and three distinctive lushnas. On top of that, there are even wooden-and-glass cabins that are situated on the edge of the forest.

“We started with that clean Scandinavian look, and then warmed it up a bit with earthy and natural colours, textiles, and artwork,” Eastwind’s creative director Julija Stoliarova told Dezeen.

Stoliarova went on to describe the guest rooms as “mid-century electric with a hint of clean urban design” and added that “the lushnas are very minimalist—just the structure and bedding—it’s all about the views and being outside in nature.”

Eastwind Hotel & Bar takes you away from the frenzy which can feel all encompassing when living in a city such as New York and if you’re based on the East Coast, looking for an escape this winter then look no further than this slice of utopia in Catskills.

(Credit: Eastwind Hotel)
(Credit: Eastwind Hotel)
(Credit: Eastwind Hotel)
(Credit: Eastwind Hotel)
(Credit: Eastwind Hotel)

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