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EarthGang share video for new single 'Erykah'


Atlanta experimental hip hop duo EarthGang have shared a new video for their latest single, ‘Erykah’.

With a spelling like that, you know that the song refers to a very specific inspiration: legendary Neo-soul vocalist Erykah Badu. The song samples ‘Window Seat’ from Badu’s 2010 album New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh, and starts with an opening spiel about the transcendent effects of Badu’s ‘On & On’.

The song acts as a spiritual sequel of sorts to EarthGang’s previous single, ‘Aretha’. No top prize for guessing who that song was about. But hey, if you’re going to name songs after people, why not choose two of the best singers of all time?

Erykah Badu, in case I didn’t make it clear, is one of the best singers of all time. With the instincts of a jazz pro and the range of an opera singer, Badu mainly chooses groove and feel over vocal gymnastics, and you can hear it all over her discography. My personal go-to is Mama’s Gun, which was made in tandem, in the same studio, with the same personnel who helmed D’Angelo’s Voodoo. ‘Time’s A Wastin’ is a major jam. I highly recommend the entire hour-long drive through Badu’s singular mind.

Check out the video for ‘Erykah’ down below.