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(Credit: Hulu)


Early premiere date for ‘Pam & Tommy’ confirmed by Disney+

Disney+ has been bolstering their lineup for 2022, with shows like Baymax! (based on the popular original film) and Ms. Marvel already on top of that list. The latest addition to this lineup is a new drama miniseries titled Pam & Tommy which has recently been pushed up for a February 2nd, 2022, release date on the streaming platform Hulu.

Developed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the show revolves around the life of Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and his wife Pamela Anderson. Based on a script by Robert D. Siegel, Pam & Tommy explores their marriage after their sex tape is released to the world without any proper authorisation which turns their world upside down.

Described by director Craig Gillespie as a “really crazy wild fun ride”, Pam & Tommy is definitely one of the shows to look out for next year with another wave of oversaturated content coming your way. Sebastian Stan has been cast as Tommy Lee while Lily James is set to play the role of Pamela Anderson alongside others like Seth Rogen and Nick Offerman.

Gillespie explained: “You get to go on this journey and understand, you know, the damage that was done to Pamela Anderson.” He claimed that the audience is complicit in inflicting trauma because we consume all kinds of private things that have been released illegally on the internet without caring about the human consequences.

The director continued, “You know we devour all of this, without any repercussions for what’s happening to the individuals. So it’s sort of does this bait and switch in a way that was really exciting as well, but it’s pretty out there.” Pam & Tommy will have eight-episode as part of its miniseries run and is already shaping up to be a promising project.

Watch the new trailer for Pam & Tommy below.