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Eagulls share video for ‘Skipping’


Eagulls have released a new video for their track ‘Skipping’, the second cut form their LP Ullages due out later this year. The video is as dark and mysterious as you might imagine, involving a smoke clad room a man in a bee-keeper type uniform and some really intense imagery.

The video sees the band continue their cutting in to the musical landscape, forging their own path and their own sound. The tension in the video is palpable and matched with the pressure of the song.

George Mitchell of the band said “The concept evolved into the idea of working around this one central character that exists in an environment that has been fabricated solely to fulfil an almost ritualistic act, in an isolated spaced distant from everyday reality and routine. I liked the idea of the act being fetish like in its portrayal, communicating the feeling that the character was using it as a form of private escapism, a pre-meditated means of release, disconnected from any day to day role and of course monotony.”

Take a look for yourself below.