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Eagulls release the incredible ‘Lemontrees’


Wow. Sometimes you wait all year for a track to really grab you. Luckily Eagulls spared us some time and released possibly the song of the year in February. ‘Lemontrees’ is at times pulsating, at times jaunting and Smiths-esque but always brilliant. And now our Track of the Day.

The song has a habit of bouncing along while the vocals are yearning across every note, sometimes like a more tangible and gritty Robert Smith – without the hairspray. The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming album and shows a softer side to the previously heavy sonics that maraud from the speakers whenever Eagulls were played.

Pounding drums backdrop layered guitars and give everything a distinct edge, whilst the 80’s indie touches are undeniable, it still sounds fresh and exciting. Eagulls have been cult classics for a while, with this new song they are starting to creep in to the collective consciousness.