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Eagulls - Nerve Endings

It’s been nearly a week since Beacons and I’ve just about recovered, I think.  The highlight of the weekend, of which there were many, was losing my shit at the ‘you need to hear this stage’ watching Leeds band Eagulls.

Before I move onto today’s offering I’ll offer a little more detail after I just dangled that metaphorical carrot as to our shenanigans in Skipton. I think most notably my hazy memory recalls being evacuated out our tent by some gentlemanly brutes of security in what can only be described as a bomb scare, yes that’s right, your eyes do not deceive you, a bomb scare.

Unsurprisingly I was serenely calm, not only because I didn’t really believe it and secondly because the men in fluorescent yellow explained in further detail that they’d found a ‘suspicious package’. Now, I think if they had a little bit of good judgment I could have told them about 70 per cent of the tents at Beacons will all contain ‘suspicious packages’ if not only right under their noses. I’ll keep trying to spin these yarns as we meander through.

Moving on, Eagulls treated us to their new track Nerve Endings along with the news the band are planning their debut album after signing to Brooklyn record label Partisan.

The British post-punk quintet who released an EP a while back via Deranged Records, Canadian based label boasting the likes of Fucked Up on their books. Flash back to Damian Abraham (Fucked Up) cradling me in his moist arms after catching me at their unbelievable set in which they shared the same stage as Eagulls at Beacons.

The beautifully picturesque setting of the quaint festival was the perfect setting that the raucous bill deserved, what Nerve Endings brings and what Eagulls delivered.

On that note, punk pioneers Wire headlined afore mentioned stage on Saturday night and we managed to meet them earlier in the day. Somehow, we managed to completely freak out frontman Colin Newman to add to our surreal weekend. The full interview will be published this week, keep and eye out for it, it’s a cracker.

Lee Thomas-Mason