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Eagulls announce tour in 2016


Following the release of their self-titled debut in March 2014 Eagulls have gone from strength to strength. Critical acclaim followed the album release and shows across the UK sold out with TV appearances then to follow. No wonder then the band are making sure they repay the little guy before the release of their second LP next year sends them on another rollercoaster.

The ‘Ginnels, Alleys, Jitties and Snickets Tour’ will span across the country visiting smaller venues than the band can fill, all in the aim to not only celebrate the diehard fans (ahem, us) but to induce a sense of gang mentality between them all.

The album is due out on Partisan Records, and if the first is anything to go by will be something to really sink your teeth in to before it blows you away. They are capable of touring the globe (UK, European and US tours are planned) so it’s admirable they will visit hotspots like Aldershot on this tour.

Catch them now so you can say ‘I knew them when’.