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(Credit: YouTube)


Crowd fight erupts during Eagles' Hyde Park concert


Evidently, rich British Eagles concertgoers are fans of irony. During the California band’s recent stop at Hyde Park, a fight broke out in the Diamond VIP section of the crowd while the sweet dulcet tones of ‘Take It Easy’ were being pumped out by the band.

Footage from the fracas shows multiple members of the crowd throwing punches while security attempts to calm the situation down. Meanwhile, Don Henley and his crew of soft rockers continue to gently lay down the groove of their first hit, blissfully unaware that one part of the crowd is definitely not listening.

It’s not exactly certain what started the fight, but it created enough of a disturbance that fellow concertgoers had to plead with the fighters to hear the message of the song that was being played. That hilarious bit of cognitive dissonance elevates this scrap above most concert brawls, as does the notion that this was supposed to be a section of the audience sequestered from the rowdies over in general admission.

According to Hyde Park’s website, the diamond VIP area at BST Hyde Park provides “a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the main arena with access to a variety of amenities” at the very reasonable price of just £399. Hey, no fighting in the American Express garden!

Maybe this wasn’t quite the diamond VIP “Experience” Hyde Park’s website advertised it as, but at least the punches weren’t thrown during one of the band’s heavier songs like ‘Life in the Fast Lane’. Who knows how crazy those rowdy one-percenter Eagles fans can get when Joe Walsh really locks in.

To all those who believe that the outlaw spirit of rock and roll is dead, here is your proof otherwise. Slumming it through Glastonbury? Pass. Discovering a hot new band in some dingy club? As if. Paying £400 to see middle-aged men get in a fistfight while the Eagles play? Now that’s rock and roll.

Check out the footage obtained by Metro of the incident down below.