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Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La / Lost Boys and Girls Club


With a name derived from the Vaselines’ album Dum-Dum and from the Iggy Pop song “Dum Dum Boys” you just knew that California’s 60s tinted lo-fi lady Kristen Grunded (aka Dee Dee) and her beautiful band of cool riff dreamers the Dum Dum Girls would be hard pressed to fail in their musical endeavours, what we didn’t know, maybe, is that they would become something of the sensation they are now though I’m sure, if we were to ask, they’d tell us its been on the cards all along.

The Dum Dum Girls are set to play Leeds’ famed, and possibly our favourite venue in the UK, Brudenell Social Club later tomorrow evening as part of the Live at Leeds bonanza and as special treat the Far Out Track of the Day turns Tracks of the Day; taking it back to 2010 with the band’s first Sub Pop single ‘Jail La La’ before bringing us to speed with 2014 release ‘Lost Boys and Girls Club’.


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