(Credit: Ducks Ltd.)


Ducks Ltd. share new single 'As Big As All Outside'


Bands with only a single song on Spotify are naturally suspect. Did this group somehow stumble into finding inner connections to the music industry? Are they a hyped up underground band that only bothered with bandcamp and/or soundcloud before getting signed? Did their entire discography get deleted in some freak accident?

Well, the story behind Ducks Ltd. isn’t anything as exciting as that. They were a band originally known as Ducks Unlimited, they’re from Canada, and they self-released an EP back in 2019 called Get Bleak. It got some traction, the band signed to Carpack Records, and now, with a slightly different moniker, the band is re-releasing Get Bleak with a few extra tracks. So it appears the band is doing a hard reset and that’s what is reflected on their Spotify page. Mystery solved.

One of the new tracks appearing on the re-release is ‘As Big As All Outside’. For a band that cites a number of jangle-pop forbearers as their primary inspiration, this song sure sounds like it was made in 1987. Delightfully bouncy and upbeat, it’s the kind of song that can pull you out of whatever funk you might find yourself in.

“Over the last several years I don’t think I was alone in the sense of decline that seemed to be hanging over a lot of day to day existence, and on my bad days I can really let that feeling permeate everything,” vocalist Tom McGreevy said.

“I’m consistently awed by all of the little things that can pull me out of it though. Things as simple as the extended ‘Canadian Club’ mix of the 1991 Sisters Of Mercy single ‘Vision Thing’ which gets a mention in the third verse. The original version of ‘Vision Thing’ is good, but for the extended mix they just add on two and a half minutes at the end of Andrew Eldritch doing spooky laughs and vamping and it totally fucking rules. Never fails to remind me that in spite of everything the world is capable of being very good and fun sometimes.”

Check out ‘As Big As All Outside’ down below. Get Bleak will see an expanded re-release on May 21st.