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Drowners - Luv, Hold Me Down


We’re back, and I’m going to take a chance and guess you all probably had one too many eggnogs, played out too late and tried to cram every animal of the farmyard onto one plate. So, what you need is a Monday morning burst of airy, fresh and energising jangle pop from Brooklyn outfit Drowners. Signed to Frenchkiss Label, they are set to release their self-titled debut with the heavy tag of ‘one’s to watch for 2014’. By the reckoning of their latest release Luv, Hold Me Down it seems a cross they are more than capable of bearing. Drowners are our first Track Of The Day for 2014 – aaah, it’s good to be back.

Far from the sardonic Smiths-esque delivery of previous release; EP Between Us Girls this track shows off a seedier side to the New York boys. They’re not all Yanks though, Welshman Matt Hitt leads this quartet with a tip to his homeland and a decisively Britpop decoration is added to a typical Big Apple sound. Luv, Hold Me Down has a disco-fuelled rhythm compatible with the hum of it’s conception’s city, it feels less of the bedroom wailers of Between Us Girls and more of a Jagerbomb dropping dancefloor filler.

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Having recently supported Arctic Monkeys on part of their American tour Drowners are really starting to make a name for themselves, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they possess all the hipster credentials that a Brooklyn postcode, a swagger and a decent hair cut offers an indie act. But they have the garage band sensibilities to not take those credentials too seriously. They have toned down the macabre musings of Hitt’s forlorn vocals and replaced it with a little edge and a lot more bite.

A coupling of trans-Atlantic stereotypes; Luv, Hold Me Down moulds the definitive Britpop melody with the relentless thud of Americana to produce a shimmering indie-pop gem.


Jack Whatley