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Drive-By Truckers share new single 'Every Single Storied Flameout'

Drive-By Truckers - 'Every Single Storied Flameout'

If the genre tag “alternative country” either confuses you or sends a shiver up your spine, then you need to plug into one of the style’s best and most consistent bands, Drive-By Truckers. For the past 25 years, the band have been serving up some of the best mixes of soul, country, and rock ‘n’ roll that any American band can offer. These are hillbillies for sure, but they’re worldly and progressive hillbillies who happen to make some great music.

Although they’ve never really had any brushes with the mainstream, Drive-By Truckers have a devoted cult of followers who keep coming back to the band’s unique sound. Insanely prolific, DBT are currently getting ready to release their 14th studio album Welcome 2 Club XIII, and have previewed the upcoming record

The song is a middle ground between the country-fried southern rock that the band have made their own and a lighter kind of heartland rock, not terribly unlike The Hold Steady. Complete with horn blasts and a sprechgesang delivery from guitarist/vocalist Mike Cooley, ‘Every Single Storied Flameout’ can just simply be a rollicking good time – nothing more, and nothing less – that’s what you want from your music.

But DBT have always been some of the best songwriters hiding in plain sight through the world of music. At one point, it could be argued that they had three of the best modern country songwriters in the world with Cooley, Patterson Hood, and Jason Isbell all in their ranks, the latter of whom is best known now for his solo work. ‘Every Single Storied Flameout’ might be a rip-roaring country-rock tune, but it’s got a set of lyrics that prove why country music can still be the ideal vessel for storytelling in music.

“I wrote that song when my son was turning 16 and going through a rough patch for a bit,” Cooley noted in a press release. “Luckily, he’s turned it around and he’s doing great now, but it was a tough time for a while. Part of my way of dealing with it was to take ownership of the example I might’ve set, in the hope of leading him out of it.”

Welcome 2 Club XIII is set to feature the likes of Margo Price and former R.E.M. bassist Mike Mills in guest spots, filling out the sessions with some genuine southern twang. Not that DBT are ever lacking in that department, but with a set of songs recorded live in just three days, Welcome 2 Club XIII could be one of the rawest and most untamed records that DBT have ever released.

Check out the audio for ‘Every Single Storied Flameout’ down below. Welcome 2 Club XIII is set for a June 3rd release.