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A colection of Drew Barrymore's favourite indie hits


While Drew Barrymore is a leading light in Hollywood and a Golden Globe winner, she’s much more comfortable in a sweaty venue watching an indie band than in front of a camera on set.

Ever since she was a kid, music has been a crucial part of her life and impossible to comprehend her existence without. The Go-Go’s were her first compulsion, and throughout her childhood, Barrymore modelled herself on Belinda Carlisle. From there, she’s had plentiful more obsessions, but her love for the Los Angeles pioneers has never dwindled.

In 2021, she even had the privilege of inducting her heroes into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and said: “I was a West Hollywood kid and the Go-Go’s were born out of L.A. punk. And they played their first show at Masque, in the basement of the Pussycat. Oh, yeah, if you were in L.A. in the Seventies, you knew what the Pussycat is.

“It’s an adult theatre and it was just a stone’s throw away from my childhood bedroom. And it was in that bedroom that I wore that record out. And it took one album and I was hooked. I was gaga for the Go-Go’s. Their playfulness and their rebellious spirit.”

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The godmother of Frances Bean Cobain once explained her broad love of music to FutureMovies and noted: “I just love love songs! I love walking down the beach by myself with my iPod, listening to love songs and belting them out. I love listening to them in the car, too – and weeping to them or being extremely happy and hopeful to them. What would we do without love songs? Life would be so different.”

Over the years, she’s never shied away from talking about what’s currently on her stereo, and unforgettably, Barrymore directed the visuals for Best Coast’s ‘Our Deal’ in 2011.

During an illuminating conversation with Spin in 2010, Barrymore made a wealth of revelations about her music taste, such as her dream festival line-up. She said: “I’ll say Crystal Castles, Band of Horses, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, who are awesome live. The first time I heard ‘Home,’ it was like walking into a trippy world.”

Elsewhere in the same interview, the actor discussed her teenage heroes, stating: “I had a real juvenile delinquent thing going on so I was totally into [the Plasmatics’] Wendy O. Williams. She wore weird straps across her boobs and sat on a goddamn car like it was a Sherman tank. Basically, I liked anybody who was misunderstood and angry. And Ratt.”

Additionally, in 2007, she shared an iTunes playlist that featured tracks from Beck, Nico, Kings of Leon, Regina Spektor, Adam Green, and Har Mar Superstar, which she was digging at the time. It also includes Jenny Lewis’ ‘Rabbit Fur Coat’, on which Barrymore commented, “The first time I heard this song I was dumbfounded. Then the whole album became my staple for the last two years! She rules!”

In recent years, she’s actively shared playlists with her fans on her Spotify profile, where Barrymore has shared love for newer artists such as Snail Mail, Easy Life and Rex Orange County, as well as a smattering of old classics.

Listen to a collection of tracks mentioned by Barrymore during interviews or through her Spotify account below.

Drew Barrymore’s favourite songs