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Drenge have released a new video for ‘The Woods’


It’s been a while since we have had our latest Drenge fix, but luckily the boys knew this (we are quite connected y’know) and so gave us a brand new video for their track ‘The Woods’ taken from their amazing LP Undertow

Sending it out across social media the band had this to say.

“The cement factory in Hope is visible from miles around. As you take the 272 round Surprise View, above Hathersage, you can see the chimney and behind that, the remains of Peveril Castle. It was just behind our school’s playing fields and its own train line ran past our old house, shaking the walls every couple of hours.

The Woods is a song about a walk I made with my dad, it’s about religion and what happens to our bodies after we die. It’s also about being introduced to music whilst driving around the moors late at night. Inspired by many evenings spent in hotel rooms watching endless episodes of How It’s Made… The video for The Woods is our own interpretation of the cement making process shot on 16mm.

Even if you don’t particularly dig the track, you’ll still enjoy the fun facts and our sullen documentary style lip-syncing.”

Take a look for yourselves here.