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Dream Wife smash 'F.U.U' across your face


Imagine if Peaches and David Bowie got in to a back alley knife fight and neither icon won? That’s kind of where you would find the trio Dream Wife. A Brighton band with enough balls to make Mike Tyson blush and the kind of intense and filthy glam-pop to back it up.

‘F.U.U’ which we can only assume stands for Fuck You Up is like a marauding Hun, deeply confrontational, utterly concentrated and entirely enticing.

They lay this track of filth next to what can only be described as an outtake of ‘Party Monsters’ in the video, with lipstick smeared across their prey these girls seem intent on devouring the whole lot of us.

Formed of Icelandic singer Rakel and with the added oomph of Alice and Bella the band embody the art-school spirit and take us on a slightly deranged but deliciously digestible trip. It’s one we would drop again and again