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(Credit: Dream Wife)


Dream Wife release new song 'Hasta La Vista'

Dream Wife have returned with their latest pop-tastic effort ‘Hasta La Vista’.

With a nostalgic music video which collects home recording’s from the band’s childhood home footage, Dream Wife continue to meld their 1990s girl band pop with that of elements of ‘80s new wave with prolific results.

“‘Hasta’ is one of the first songs we wrote after we completed our touring cycle for our debut album,” the band said in a statement. “We’d played over 200 shows in 18 months and had returned to London to discover that things around us had changed and so had we. Close relationships fell apart and others came together. This song is about accepting and embracing that change and being thankful to what that was and what it is today.”

They added: “Being on tour has some similarities to living under quarantine. The separation from loved ones, the submission to the process, the large amounts of time in contained spaces with the same group of people.

“We built this band around relentless touring and the celebration and love of the live show and the community that it creates. And we’re very much looking forward to experiencing that again, when the time is right.”

Stream the song, above.