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Credit: The Come Up Show

Watch: Drake booed off stage at Tyler, The Creator's festival Camp Flog Gnaw


Last night saw the end of Tyler, The Creator’s festival Camp Flog Gnaw with a surprise headline slot still to be filled, the fans were expecting a big name to take the stage. They got one too – Drake – but it wasn’t who they were hoping for.

That led to Drake, along with some other notable names in Hip-Hop being booed off stage by the unrelenting crowd. The rumours of Frank Ocean taking the slot were so rife that when Drizzy arrived on stage the atmosphere soon soured.

Drake took on the surprise headline slot on Sunday with the help of Lil Uzi Vert and A$AP Rocky – a set up many fans would’ve been thrilled with. However, the allure of a returning Frank Ocean had clearly turned the crowd’s head and they booed the Canadian rapper off stage.

The fan footage below shows Drake at first trying to reconcile with the crowd, saying, “I’m here for you tonight. If you wanna keep going, I will keep going”, it turns out they did not want to keep going and instead met this plea with yet another chorus of boos.

“Look. It’s been love. I love y’all. I go by the name of Drake, thank you for having me.”