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Dr Martens X Dutch Uncles

It’s here again Dr. Martens are standing up for music with their latest round of gigs and giggles with ‘Dr Martens Stand for Something Tour’. First for the proceedings are the awesome Dutch Uncles at Glasgow’s Nice N Sleazy.

The band have been a forward thinking member of the scene for some time and compile complexity with ease and still hold the ability to transform thick layered sounds in to thicker fun.

These events are normally followed by raucous performance videos full of sweaty and simultaneously stylish men and women throwing themselves around the room. This year however the brand have produced a mini-documentary. It’s worth a watch below.

What do you stand for, Dutch Uncles?

Determinedly Underrated Tricky Choruses Housed in Uncompromisingly Natured Cadenzas and Listened to Enduringly, Sort of.”