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Watch the brand new trailer for 'Downton Abbey: A New Era'

The British historical series Downton Abbey gained a lot of popularity during its run, presenting a nuanced portrait of an aristocratic family in the early 20th century as well as the lives of the people who worked in their country estate. Now, a film sequel is scheduled to hit the theatres in a few months.

Titled Downton Abbey: A New Era, the film will be directed by Simon Curtis while the screenplay was written by the original show’s creator Julian Fellowes. This is a direct follow-up to the Downton Abbey film that came out in 2019 and managed to become a huge commercial success by grossing over $190 million at the global box office.

“We’ve got some ideas about what we do next if it happened,” Gareth Neame spoke about a potential sequel in an interview after the release of the first film. Neame claimed that the sequel would be predicated on the commercial viability of the first film and it did end up appealing to people when it hit the theatres.

Adding, “The fans have been used to watching all six seasons of the television show at home in the comfort of their living rooms and for this to work, the fans have to be motivated to get out and buy tickets and go to the theatre. If the fans do that, then the movie will do well, and there will be an appetite amongst all of us to maybe revisit the whole thing.”

The production process began in 2020 but was naturally disrupted by all the interruptions caused by the pandemic. It was only in 2021 that the filming began, after ensuring that all the cast and crew members had been vaccinated. Downton Abbey: A New Era is set to be released in the UK on 29 April.

Watch the trailer for Downton Abbey: A New Era below.