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(Credit: Jon Shard)


Doves return with their first new single in 11 years

Doves have returned with their first new music in 11 years with the release ‘Carousels’.

The Manchester three-piece have marked their return in an experimental mood, releasing their new material Virgin EMI as they ramp up excitement around their eagerly anticipated fifth studio album.

“It’s a reminiscence of the times that we’d go to places like North Wales on holiday as kids,” says Andy Williams. “Places where you had your first experience of sound systems and music being played really loud.”

“‘Carousels’ is a really exciting track to come back with, especially now as it’s shot through with a lot of hope,” vocalist Jimi Goodwin told NME. “It calls back to going to the fair when you’re a kid, dodging all the psychos and getting your waltzer money taken off you.

“We’re still really excited about trying stuff that we’ve never done and going to places that we as a band have never been to, and ‘Carousel’ certainly does that. We’ve never just been a band to plug in and play guitar – we draw on all of these different influences and make up our own.”

He added: “It’s a good harbinger of the album and just a great mission statement. Without having any agenda or a backstory as to what the record is, it just shows off our love of sonic weirdness, atmosphere and energy. We unanimously knew that this would be great as the first thing that people hear of us coming out of the gate after all this time. It’s a mission statement.”

Stream the song, below.