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Doss shares new single ‘Jumpin’’

Doss - 'Jumpin''

New York songwriter and producer Doss has returned with her latest single ‘Jumpin’’. The track picks up where last year’s 4 New Hit Songs EP left off and offers up a fresh bouncy club mix.

“‘Jumpin’’ is about letting go, getting lost, and the out-of-sequence memories of wobbling lights and vibrating floors going by like a slow-motion montage,” Doss explains. “It’s going wherever the night takes you and being up for anything.”

The song itself, however, doesn’t take you anywhere all that quickly. Once more the song exhibits Doss’ canny knack of sounding sparse yet layered at the same time. With this singular style sewn in, the night that the song soundtracks unfurls as opposed to racing towards a conclusion. 

The flipside to this approach is that it can sound maudlin at times especially when it is not being heard inside an actual club. Through headphones, the song can pound a molar loose while you yawn and that is a strange mix indeed to suffer through. 

In short, ‘Jumpin’’ may well happily rattle around the New York scene and the inclined clubs in the world beyond and people will happily sway on the vibrating floor as it does so, but it is unlikely to be played on repeat outside the world it was built for unless you’re a fiend for a tension headache.

You can check out Doss’ pounding first single from 2022 below.