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(Credit: Gage Skidmore / Jeff Lipsky / ©A.M.P.A.S.)


Donald Trump mocks ‘Parasite’ Oscars victory: "What the hell was that all about?”

Donald Trump has launched a bizarre tirade against Bong Joon-ho’s spectacular Oscar-winning film Parasite.

The South Korean black comedy thriller, which tells the story of a poor family who schemes to become employed by a wealthy family by infiltrating their household, emerged as the big winner at the 2020 Academy Awards when it won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film.

Despite its critical acclaim, President of the United States, Donald Trump, appears to be furious about its victory at the Oscars. “How bad were the Academy Awards this year?” he said to a crowd in Colorado as the members began to jeer. “Did you see it?”

Trump added: “The winner is… a movie from South Korea. What the hell was that all about?” We got enough problems with South Korea with trade. On top of that, they give them best movie of the year? Was it good? I don’t know. Let’s get ‘Gone With the Wind.’ Can we get ‘Gone With the Wind’ back, please?”

He continued: “So many great movies…” before again mocking the victory for Parasite: “the winner is from South Korea!”

“I thought it was best foreign film, right? Best foreign movie,” he said. “Did this ever happen before?”

See the speech, below.