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(Credit: Alamy)


Watch the new teaser for upcoming documentary ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’


Including Denis Villeneuve’s long-anticipated Dune, Edgar Wright’s horror, Last Night in Soho and the Princess Diana biopic, Spencer, the 2021 Venice Film Festival has played host to multiple extraordinary premieres. Hidden behind the allure of such major releases was the first-ever authorised Led Zeppelin documentary, Becoming Led Zeppelin, with a teaser clip of the film being released online. 

Featuring archival footage of the band performing ‘Good Times Bad Times’ with monochrome footage of a zeppelin intercut, the clip is short though, and it gives audiences a taste as to what they can come to expect from the film. Speaking to Associated Press the former band’s guitarist Jimmy Page reported that the band had received multiple offers for films over the years, but “they were pretty miserable”.

Continuing, the iconic musician stated, “Miserable and also to the point where they would want to be concentrating on anything but the music,” he said. It was through the persistence of film producers Bernard MacMahon and Allison McGourty however that encouraged the band to trust their direction. 

“This one, it’s everything about the music, and what made the music tick,” Page reported, before adding, “It’s not just a sample of it with a talking head. This is something in a totally different genre”.

“With Becoming Led Zeppelin my goal was to make a documentary that looks and feels like a musical,” read a statement from director Bernard MacMahon. Continuing, the statement added: “I wanted to weave together the four diverse stories of the band members before and after they formed their group with large sections of their story advanced using only music and imagery and to contextualise the music with the locations where it was created and the world events that inspired it”.

Take a look at the very first clip for the film below.