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Do Tame Impala get bored of playing the same songs live? Kevin Parker explains...


It’s been three years since Tame Impala’s last full-length record.

Currents is the third studio album by the Australian rock band and it was released in July 2015. This record signalled the end of a three-year stint without new material, Currents became the eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s Lonerism – so it’s safe to assume we’re due some new music from Tame Impala soon.

The difference in structured working, however, saw Currents push frontman Kevin Parker to mixed the music and record all instruments by himself for the first time; the album featured no other collaborators. This could, in some ways, explain the somewhat prolonged period of time that the band have toured the same material.

Having released a new live record, Parker added some words on the sleeve to discuss his current mindset when it comes to new music: “This is Tame Impala’s first official-ish live release. It’s from one of our shows in the US, recorded and mixed with love by everyone at team Impala,” he begins before explaining that the 60-minute set was condensed down to 40 minutes for the vinyl. ” Maybe we’ll release the whole gig later on, or maybe we’ll just put the whole thing on the internet. Or maybe we’ll just do 10 more live albums,” he adds.

“Anyway people ask me if I get bored of playing the songs every night for about 77 tours,” Parker writes. “I’ve never really had time to think about it so I just say ‘not really sure a little bit whatever’. If I imagine a painter who painted a picture one day and then was asked to paint the same picture 100 times I’d expect him to get pretty sick of that painting. But if every time he painted it he got to feel just a fraction of the love I feel from our audiences and fans in every city we play and the expressions on people’s faces in the front row when “their” song comes on I imagine the painter would have no trouble painting that same picture every day for the rest of his life.”

Fair enough.