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(Credit: DJ Shadow)


DJ Shadow to release 25th-anniversary reissue of 'Entroducing'


It has been announced that DJ shadow will be releasing a 25th-anniversary reissue of his era-defining album Endtroducing. The remastered album will be available from September 24th 2021 via Island Records, alongside a new 7″ record featuring a remix of ‘The Number Song’ by Cut Chemist.

The original album was released back in 1996 and features tracks like ‘Midnight in a Perfect World’, ‘Stem’, ‘What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1),’ and ‘The Number Song’. The album solidified the American producer as a rising talent, especially in the UK, where he’d become a mainstay of the electronic scene. It also gave him his first taste of success in his home country.

Part of the album’s beauty lies in its use of samples from a dizzying array of sources, including Metallica song ‘Orion’, Tangerine Dream’s ‘Invisible Limits’, ‘Love Suite’ by Nirvana and Björk’s ‘Possibly Maybe.’ As a result, Entroducing quickly established DJ Shadow as one of the most inventive electronic producers of his day.

To honour the 25th anniversary, this new reissue has been remastered at half-speed using DJ Shadow’s original DAT recording tapes. Shadow also released a 20th-anniversary edition of the album five years ago. However, at that point, he didn’t have access to the original DAT tapes.

In a recent interview, DJ Shadow described how the discovery of the original tapes convinced him to reissue the album once more. “I was so happy to have recently discovered the original DAT tape that served as the final mix source of the album, and was able to provide it for the remaster just in time for this release. When comparing the new version with the old, I was shocked at how many audible details were revealed that I had completely forgotten about.”

The 25th-anniversary vinyl record is available for pre-order here. You can listen to ‘Midnight In A Perfect World’ below.