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Discogs users bought nearly 12 million vinyl records in 2020


You might not have been able to go to many gigs last year but just think of all the money you saved. Not just on tickets, but on exorbitantly overpriced flat pints of spill-fodder, band merch irreparably seeped in sweat and miscellaneous substance by the end of the night, and all that other wonga that you’d much rather have spent more than anything in the world. 

Well according to Discogs, one of the biggest independent vinyl distributors in the world, you’ve been spending some of that gig pocket money on 12 inches of wax. The vinyl giant’s end of year report saw a massive uptake in sales. Global sales of physical units were up nine million, or 35.78% over the previous year.

Every physical music format experienced growth but it was the old trusty vinyl that saw the sharpest spike, enjoying an increase of 40.75% from 2019 numbers. 

The market overall has seen a 10% growth from last year, making it vinyl’s biggest year since 1990 when Sinead O’Connor’s I Don’t Want What I Haven’t Got topped the charts along with releases by George Michael and New Kids on The Block.

Amidst the top five was Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, a record which will no doubt see further uptake in sales following the announcement of their split yesterday

2020 was also the year that Discogs shifted their most expensive sale as the highly collectable promo version of London artist Scaramanga Silk’s Choose Your Weapon fetched an astonishing $41,000 for the Portland-based company. 

The biggest seller of the year was Billie Eilish Live At Third Man Records. You can watch her performing, below.