Discogs seller, Background Music, opens record shop in Bologna


A popular Discogs seller going by the name of ‘Background Music’ is moving onto the high street and is opening a record shop on Bologna, Italy.

Background Music has built his reputation over a seven-year stint on Discogs and is now teaming up with a new music concept store called ‘Gallery16’.

Owners Massimo Mandrioli Peccia and Lorenzo Lerry Arabia, who are creating the store, bar and event space, said that the joint venture is “not just a record shop, but above all, a meeting place with a bar and open to DJ sets, live shows, presentations and much more.”

The event space will host live music, DJ sets, presentations, talks and more. Background Music Shop will be bringing his style to brick and mortar. “We deal with alternative music on vinyl,” they explain.

“We sell new and used, even in out of stock, evaluating it without obligation.”

Click here to view the official Facebook page of the shop and check out what events they have coming up.