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Disco Doom hit us with 'Ex-Teenager'


Zurich based art-rockers Disco Doom sound exactly like that description. Their music is irreverent – rock sensibilities wrapped in avant-garde arrangements and structures, with ‘Ex Teenager’ featuring all these nuances and more.

The lyrics are, at times, incomprehensible, though you get a feeling of nondescript sadness, probably stemming from Anita Rufer’s emotive vocal performance.

It’s short and sweet, with wailing guitars and meandering drums, the loose melody melts away after the first verse and returns again after a short period of rest – it’s a weird, dreamlike song that’s hard to make anything out of. And that’s why it’s great.

Conventional rock songs are all well and good, but it’s great to hear something a bit weirder every now and again. Disco Doom certainly bring the weird here with ‘Ex Teenager’, our Track of the Day.

Melt away your hangover on us. Lucky sods.


Rory Allden