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Dinner - Going Out

Track of the Day today is ‘Going Out’, courtesy of the ever-eccentric sounding Dinner.

Diner is Danish artist Anders Rhedin, who sounds like he could be the love child of Morrisey and Nico.

Currently residing in LA, Rhedin has spent time in living in both Berlin and Copenhagen and this is inherently obvious in this sound.

Going Out sounds like an unnatural synthesis of new-wave punk and Euro-pop, this is a bizarre combination that shouldn’t work, but strangely does.

Previous releases from Diner have included a guided meditation tape, so it sounds like he doesn’t like to do things by the book.

‘Going Out’, set for release at the end of the month on Oui!, a four-track EP which according to the label is ‘a powerful introduction to this idiosyncratic musician.’

Will De Nardo