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Dilly Dally unveil new video for ‘The Touch’


The latest track to come from the quartet is equally as snarky and snarling as anything else they have released so far. Tiptoeing along the line of punk and grunge in fuck off big boots the band are really causing a stir not least because of their live performances.

That is something which has been picked up in their latest video  for the new track which was directed by David Waldman, where he mixes live footage, fantasy characters and black and white imagery of the band.

The song is a very intimate discourse between two friends and beyond the heavy guitars and growling vocal is very sweet in its approach as Katie Monks form the band explains.

“I wrote this song for a friend of mine who was having suicidal thoughts. I felt this huge sense of urgency, and wanted to nurture him in anyway I possible could: sexually, emotionally, and then finally realized that I could help him through music. It was all very instinctual. The song attempts to reach him in his dark place, and then lure him away from there. The chorus in this song is very sweet and gentle. It is meant to be comforting and remind him of romance and the softness of a woman’s touch. If that isn’t enough to live for, then I don’t know what is.

“David Waldman, a Toronto-based music photographer of over ten years, is who we turned to for the music video. His direction helped us illuminate the DIY punk scene that Dilly Dally has spawned from here in our city. It is a very honest and practical video that shows the band jamming in a dusty basement, and then going on our usual run to the convenient store. The video is also laced with dark, symbolic and ghostly imagery. It is meant to be an empowering piece for women, and inspiring for those who struggle with depression.”

Constantly being described as something similar to the Pixies is a big load to take on your shoulders, but when you’re as good as DFilly Dally there is no need to worry.