Dilly Dally find their way on 'Heaven'

'Heaven' - Dilly Dally

The release of Dilly Dally’s latest album Heaven is both the real beginning of a story and the closing of a chapter. An LP born in the midst of band turmoil, the group have delivered an album capable of propelling them far out of the mud and towards the skies and beyond.

The second album from the Toronto group sees Monks, the lead vocal and guitar on the record, push herself to new heights with this album. Her screeches and scowling reaches across topics of power, self-care and substance with a cutting but comfortable hand on the new songs.

Songs that have not only the sentiment of a modern society wrapped up in a big old bag of 90’s nostalgia but also reflect only the expression Monks desires. With an unwavering pop sensibility, Monks has managed to navigate the intra-band issues faced when recording the album and instead delivered a distinct sound and an imperious vocal performance as part of an epic album.

On tracks like ‘Doom’, ‘Sober Motel’ and ‘Marijuana’ all attack different areas of life (about self-affirmation, the transcendental properties of sobriety, and a love song to weed respectively) – the ability to maintain a coherent sound and direction is impressive and shows skill over passion.

Over and above the apparent turmoil during recording, the likeness to 90’s grunge, the incredible range and scope of Monks’ sometimes Corgan-esque vocal, the impeccable songwriting, what sticks out most about Heaven is that it sees Dilly Dally pronounce themselves more clearly than ever before.

Heaven by Dilly Dally is out on now via Partisan Records. Stream it below.