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Diet Cig share video for 'Tummy Ache'


Diet Cig are one of the true party makers in the business. Their ability to throw a pop-punk banger at a group of people and watch a party happen like a cheap trick from a Batman villain from the 60’s. It’s refreshing. What’s more refreshing is the release of the video to accompany their latest single ‘Tummy Ache’ from their debut LP Swear I’m Good At This

The debut album is out on April 7th but the video feels far more immediate. The clips follows a band around in a glitter covered tour van as Alex Luciano makes placards before the band perform as only they do. But being Diet Cig this isn’t all about fun, fun, fun – it has a message.

Nods to Black Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter and ACLU are present in the video while the song itself has its own meaning. Alex says “It’s biting back from a place of sexism in the music industry, and dealing with trying to be punk, hard and tough, but also being soft and empathetic. It’s really hard to be seen as a soft person in punk,” she details, “even though being soft is actually so much harder and more radical.”

Take a look below.