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Diet Cig release new single ‘Barf Day’


Now, we know how this Monday morning lark goes. It gets worse before it gets better and the inner child in you is screaming “I don’t wannnna”, luckily we have just the antidote for that pre-week posturing and that is a dose of Diet Cig and their aptly titles ‘Barf Day’.

“I just wanna have ice-cream on my birthday! Blow my candles out and wish all of my pain away” shouts Alex Luciano on the latest release from Diet Cig. ‘Barf Day’ another hint at the persistent pop-punk awaiting us in the band’s debut LP Swear I’m Good At This, which is due out on April 7th, is the perfect track to sum up the comedic values of a depressing situation.

The birthday scene set is a colourful and vibrant one, all power chords and chomping fuzz to make the bittersweet situation seem worth taking a bite of. Diet Cig manage to change the sadness of the situation faced by the protagonist in the track in to something powerful and empowering. Looking forward to the album then?