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Diet Cig give us new song ‘Link In Bio’


Pop punk masters Diet Cig have a brand new album out on 7th April, Swear I’m Good At This is looking to be one of the brashest albums of the year with the previous releases hitting you in the face without reproach. The latest track to put up its dukes is ‘Link In Bio’.

The track follows previous releases ‘Barf Day’ and ‘Tummy Ache’ which all follow the same theme. Sugary pop-punk enrobing itself around a critical message. ‘Link In Bio’ is no different. It flys out of the traps and doesn’t stop, layered with Alex Luciano’s delicate vocal makes it really something special.

Luciano had this to say about the track “‘Link In Bio’ unpacks this idea that women + femmes should be any specific way and says uh NO. It’s an extra special fuck you to the notion of a ‘chill girl’ that I swear was created by cis men to make women + femmes feel bad about voicing their feelings. It’s me screaming that it’s okay to be loud and bossy and sensitive and kind and weird and angry and ecstatic and literally any other emotion that you feel because YOU ARE A RADIANT AND NUANCED HUMAN BEING WHO IS GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD <3.”