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Did Childish Gambino just make the best video ever?


Quite possibly.

Childish Gambino’s newest video for new single ‘This Is America’ is going a long way to being named the best video of all time. The new video is truly mesmerising, harrowing, undeniably brilliant and succinctly relevant. All at the same time, it tackles so many different points it’s hard to get across just how great it is in one sentence, but we will try.

It’s fucking astounding.

Likely, you’re all familiar with Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, AKA your new favourite auteur. If you are unaware now is this time to get acquainted with one of the most well-rounded artists in the world. And there is no better way than with this provocative new video. In an inflammatory song, the artist looks to confront the white-world-view of black people in a unique and arresting way.

We all know the issues America is dealing with in relation to the bubbling racial divide. The President is beyond help and the people who follow him are feeling marginalised and even more dangerous. Rather than spend his life on Twitter trying to gain followers Childish has instead done what any artist worth his or her salt would do, produce art that does the talking for you.

‘This Is America’, both video and song, is a reflection of the country it was born in, a look in to the American psyche and the perceived acceptance of some black culture and the destruction of the people themselves.

It is a video that needs no explanation, and we won’t bore you with anymore of it.

This is simply a ‘must-watch’.