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Dickey Betts, founder of the Allman Brothers Band, in critical condition after “freak accident”


Dickey Betts, a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band, is in a critical condition after “freak accident” at his home.

According to reports, the 74-year-old slipped “while playing with the family dog, slipped and cracked his head, causing bleeding from the brain.”

Betts is set to undergo brain surgery in an attempt to relieve the swelling.

His manager, David Spero, said Betts is currently listed as being in “stable but critical condition.”

“It was just a few days ago that Dickey was telling me how excited he was to get back in front of the fans,” Spero added. “It is very unfortunate, for all involved, that we need to cancel those shows. Please add Dickey into your thoughts and prayers. I’ll keep everyone updated on his expected progress.”