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Diamond Youth - In the Clouds

Based in Baltimore, Maryland’s Diamond Youth are an up and coming indie four-piece comprised of Sam Trapkin, Justin Gilman, Brendan Yates and Daniel Fang. Their debut album Nothing Matters is set to be released on May 19th through Topshelf Records.

With influences such as Queens of the Stone Age and Weezer, Diamond Youth implement their own mish-mash of genres, producing an eclectic sound that will leave you wanting more. They create the perfect juxtaposition through the pairing of forlorn lyrics and pop heavy rhythms, this band aren’t messing around when it comes to big tunes.

The latest single to come off the record is ‘In the Clouds’ an upbeat indie-pop anthem laden with distorted guitars and fuzzy vocals. With a pounding drumbeat and falsetto backing, ‘In the Clouds’ is a definite toe-tapper, perfect for the coming summer months. This ridiculously catchy tune is our Track of the Day.

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on the album, check out Diamond Youth’s EPs Shake, Orange and Don’t lose your cool.

Carrie-Rose Plommer