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Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh spent 18 days in the hospital and nearly died from Covid-19

Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh has offered a reminder about the serious nature of coronavirus, revealing that he spent 18 days in the hospital with the virus which nearly took his life.

Mothersbaugh, who has now thankfully recovered, has also said that he experienced some serious hallucinations during his 18 days in the hospital and spoke to the LA Times about his terrifying times.

“There’s a bookstore I love where I get stationery supplies, and in my mind I had been there,” he told the Times. “I was convinced for about two weeks that I had been hit by a brick by somebody in Little Tokyo.”

He added about his frequent hallucinations: “I felt blood from being hit. I was handcuffed to a parking deck downtown. I had this whole elaborate story of how these kids sold me to an ambulance company that then got some sort of a payment for delivering COVID patients to their ICUs. I totally believed it,” he said.

“Everything’s become more devolved than I would have imagined possible,” he added. “For anybody that’s doubting whether the coronavirus and COVID-19 is real, it’s really real.”

“Before COVID, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m starting to feel about 50 now, and I’m 70.’ When I was in the hospital, I was feeling like I was about 90. And now I’m back to 70, and I’m trying to get back to 50. That’s my goal,” Mothersbaugh stated passionately.