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Devan DuBois - Too Many Aces


For those of us that like seminal Blues tinted rockers The Black Keys then today’s Track of the Day by Devan DuBois will certainly give you a few kicks, and the beauty is that for those of us that don’t then his tantalisingly short  ‘Too Many Aces’ is still likely to excite a few nerves. Either way, feathers will be ruffled and considering Friday is upon us, why wouldn’t you want them to be?

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I’m sure you can already hear why comparisons to Dan Auerbach’s troupe seem apt; tough, rough and in essence pure Dubois’s early effort indicates exactly where his loyalties and influences lay. Though for me, the enigmatic young American signed to Sensibility records USA also offers that little something else. ‘Too Many Aces’ sounds like an extraction of early BK’s numbers that have been drawn in through a pipette, transferred into a test tube and then left to grow, eventually, into a very interesting Rock & Roll experiment.

Apart from the sentimentally superb lyrical offerings in which DuBois lays down his reasons for leaving a certain situation (duly emphasised by a bit of naughty lead guitar and sparse injections of electronica), there’s not much more insight on offer and that’s simply  because there’s none out there. Rumour has it our man resides in Los Angeles California and that he’s currently working on a debut album, he could even be an actor, both are yet to be confirmed but what is for sure is that judging by ‘Too Many Aces’, the mystery surrounding this minstrel is one defiantly worth investigating.

Joshua Hevicon