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(Credit: Dev Hynes)

Dev Hynes announces his first classical music album 'Fields'


Dev Hynes, more commonly known as Blood Orange, has revealed his intentions to make the first step into classical music with new album Fields.

Hynes, who once told Red Bull Music that he was classically trained and that the genre was “the music that I mainly listen to,” revealed that his new album will be made up of 13 compositions and due out on October 11th.

“This was the first time I’ve written music that I’ve never played, and I love that,” Hynes revealed in a press release. “It’s something I’ve always been striving to get to. Seeing what Third Coast Percussion had done with these pieces was magical.”

The record arrives as the follow-up to Hynes’ most recent release, the mixtape, Angel’s Pulse.

Fields Tracklist:
01. Reach
02. Blur
03. Coil
04. Wane
05. Curl
06. Hush
07. Gather
08. Tremble
09. Cradle
10. Press
11. Fields
12. Perfectly Voiceless
13. There Was Nothing