Details of Sia and Scott Walker’s soundtrack to Natalie Portman film 'Vox Lux' revealed


The original score for forthcoming Natalie Portman film Vox Lux will be released on December 14th, it has been revealed.

The score, written by popstar Sia and avant-garde specialist Scott Walker, will be released via Columbia Records and Three Six Zero Recordings.

It was already known that Sia had worked with director Brady Corbet to compose all the original songs for the soundtrack. However the inclusion of Walker, who joined the film in a capacity of working alongside Sia, only emerged in recent weeks. Despite that, the specific details of his role and contribution have yet to be announced. It was originally believed that Oscar-nominated Mica Levi would join the film. Levi’s previous work included the scores for Under the Skin and Jackie. However, her involvement has now sidelined due to Walker’s inclusion.

The film, directed by Brady, stars Jude Law and Natalie Portman and will premiere at the Venice Film Festival before going on to be screened at the Toronto Film Festival

The film follows Portman’s character Celeste through 15 years of her career as a singer, starting in 1999. Vox Lux is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival; it will also screen at the Toronto International Film Festival that month.  The feature is a musical drama about a woman who achieves success after a tragic childhood. The film also stars Jennifer Ehle, Stacy Martin and Raffey Cassidy.

Below is the latest teaser clip for the film, it features the song ‘Wrapped Up’ which was co-written by Sia and Greg Kurstin: